16 Years of Industry Knowledge On-Demand

Helping small to medium-sized installation businesses in the horticulture and agriculture industries overcome technical challenges in their operations by giving expert advice and hands-on assistance.

Hey, I'm Daniel van Waas

Irrigation System Expert

On-demand Irrigation System Designer and Consultant

Providing technical businesses with expert advice, pre-made templates, and hands-on assistance, enabling them to focus on growth and solving meaningful industry problems.

  • Years of Technical Drawing Experience

  • Different Technical Businesses Helped

  • Years of Industry Experience


Client projects I'm working on or have completed.

Ways I can help you

I can help you both with immediate technical needs and long-term business strategies.

  • Digital Asset Creation

    A digital asset is anything that exists in digital form and would still be valuable without you. These are SOPs, how-to videos and digital systems that work without you. They are vital for making a business run smoothly, and I can help make them for you.

  • Digital Tool Education

    Every digital design, project management or content creation tool has tutorials on how to use them on the internet. Most of these online tutorials provide generic instructions, I tailor my teachings to be industry-specific, making them more relevant for your business.

  • Digital Workflow Consultancy

    There are so many digital tools available these days. Choosing which one to implement into your business can be overwhelming. I have tried 100's of digital tools and can give you guidance on which ones would best suit your specific business needs.

Frequently asked questions

Get quick answers to common questions about our services.

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Do these services replace IT support?

While I consider myself a digital tool expert, I focus on helping businesses leverage emerging technologies, not troubleshoot everyday IT issues like network problems or software bugs. For those situations, I recommend contacting an IT support specialist.

Can you help in every area of the business?

No, my strengths lie in design, engineering, project management, staff management, and operations.

Who is the best fit for the services you provide?

I can best help installation and construction engineers, designers, project managers and small business owners in the agriculture and horticulture industries.

Do you offer on-location services, and if so, where?

I'm happy to provide on-location implementation and training support within the Netherlands. However, mileage costs and travel time will apply. For clients located internationally, I offer all the services remotely via video call, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience regardless of location.

Do you code software or do you change existing code?

No, I specialize in no-code solutions. This means I focus on leveraging user-friendly platforms without writing a single line of code.